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The recent debate between a few of Canada's party leaders solidified a few things I already understood, felt, and believed.

1: Gilles Duceppe needs to improve his English.

2: Gilles Duceppe should've been Elizabeth May.

3: All national political parties should be involved in the debates, regardless of whether or not they have a seat in the house.

4: Restricting the debate to a few hours is weak and pathetic. This is our country, and as such, we should have long, hard discussions about specifics of policies and what our ideas are.

5: None of those four fools are worthy of running this country, and the scary thing is that Layton is the most like-able, well-spoken and clear in terms of policy and ideology.

6: Party politics and fear are destroying us, not even just our nation, but our community, from the local community to the global.

7: The electoral system, the system of representation in the House, are fundamentally flawed and nothing will change that until we demand electoral reform.

8: Our justice system and our health system are woefully underfunded, and the leaders don't seem to care, while we spend money on silly things like foreign meddling, super-prisons, high-end corporate tax cuts and pork, issues that none of these parties, except, MAYBE, and that's a BIG FUCKING MAYBE, Jack Layton would truly deal with.

9: I really don't want to vote for Jack Layton, but not nearly as much as I don't want to vote for those other two fools, and can't vote for that English hating separatist shitbird Gilles Duceppe, who for some reason, despite having no aspirations to leave Quebec or actually become Prime Minister, was involved in this debate before other, valid national Parties.

10: Again, that the party system is flawed. That ideology is killing us, and that ideology comes from all godforsaken ends of the political spectrum.

11: We will be ruined.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We've created a society that honours the servant, but has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

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