This is your home...

This is your home...
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A Light

From the mouth of Truth...

A time, in all the time of Men...when discourse and dialogue ruled, and the endless aching perspectives came together, lit by grace and compassion as well as reason, and fuelled by a selfless ambition for the betterment of all life...a time when growth was not simply outward and at all costs, but inward and measured...a time when all understood their trillion differences and took no offence at any of them, when all people thought first of all others, for when all others think first of the rest, all are thought of, and if it is done in compassion and understanding, there is the end of the suffering the needless kind, and the beginning of the acceptance of Life and the taking of all of it, in stride, and as a blessing.

Has this time yet to be, or is it already gone from us?

From the mouth of a liar:

Has Time ever been at all?

Or Space?

And is light not the ultimate corruptor?

Only when we realize that there are no million aching perspectives and when these three deceitful dimensions are unmasked and exposed as illusory will there be the Ecstasy of Wisdom and the Stillness of No-Thing, and the Power of our Pure Being. The All-Perspective and Eternal Peace.

From the mouth of Existence...

Perfection, the Eternal Perfection sought after by the weak-willed of this world...this Solipsist's Wet Dream...these once were...and then this uni-Verse, and perhaps myriad others, were born. This Harmony of the Endless Aching Perspectives negates experience. It negates the beautiful, intricate mystery of the Everything. It negates the Song and thus negates our Verse in it.

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