This is your home...

This is your home...
Keep it!


What's that yous guys read? Should yous have read it?

-Be as wary of those who are ludicrously peaceful as you are of those ridiculously violent. Each searches for the same thing. Control over you. Pacifists or militarists, they are each of them a mirror image of the other. Perhaps someday there will be a respect for balance, and the differing weights of violence and peace, among the general public.

And there is a connection for to feel no longer. We are romancing Truth no more, but we woo our own aberrations of Truth, forged and conjured from the mystery of the belly of Thoth, and manipulated by our own misunderstanding. And our forgotten and Eternal Wisdom will stand for little more. Would you have words put in your mouth? Would you have a blind man say "This is the look of you."? Would you have the thoughtless tell you your meaning? This is what we do to the Infinite State of Paradise. The ludditious and the tech-addicted alike are simply extreme representations of the Map of Ideas, and have entirely missed the point.

But that point...qu’est-ce que c’est?

Perhaps the point of life is to find the best way to live, in harmony, with life. As silly as that may sound to the Ego, the wanton desire.

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