This is your home...

This is your home...
Keep it!


Come on friends! To the barricades! again!

You are right to be suspicious of corporations and the goverments they influence (across the globe) but it is *our* way of life that is backing us into the corner. We desire comfort above communion and true wisdom. We desire instant pleasure in the form myriad types of entertainment, eg. film, music, books, drugs, sex (this one above all others, and permeating all others), and until we realize that these things are temporal and hypnotic, those who appear to rule over us will continue to have the power to do so. We must simply ignore the government, and the desires that the corporate world has somehow convinced us to be good, as they ignore our rights as people. As George Carlin said, they're not rights if they can be taken away. They're just privileges. We must not bother with rebellion, or any kind of reaction, as this will serve to only give them more fodder to convince those more deeply hypnotized into giving them more power and umbrella control. The best way to change the way the world works is to change the way we work individually and communally. What if they gave an election, or a war, and nobody came? The Army is big, but the population is bigger, and if men and women simply stopped participating in a broken system, it would collapse. How many soldiers do you think would really be willing to murder their own country men or go into a community of people living peacefully, by their own sweat, and without the pretence of superiority, or the Divine Right of Kings that all governments seem to adhere to? No doubt a bunch would, military indoctrination being what it is, but to assume that the (at risk of sounding too classist) "elite" have any power over us is to give them that power. Fear is their food.

Disengagement is our best weapon.

But we should not shy away from using force to defend ourselves from the coming storm, if the storm decides we should live under the rule of the corrupt.

Never start a fight. Always finish them.

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