This is your home...

This is your home...
Keep it!


Welcome, my friends...

To the New World Order.

Where information is everywhere, and it is all of it ignored.

Where Truth is shallow water, where we learn nothing when it comes.

Where the bites of sound are mesmerizing to a mind what is without thought, and a sponge.

Where Nations carry on proud in deceit.

Where borders are lies.

Where the Press is delicate, on the run; where Power is heavy, stinking with the chase.

Where the dollar is Mighty, where man is detritus.

Where the lie is the thing, the play is the stage, fellowship daemonic.

Where a problem solved is three more made.

Where the dead are only respected, and the living are killed.

Where one man's castle is all other men's hell.

Where the eyeballs in space watch every last thing.

Where the swords above cull any d[i](e)[s](c)[s]ent.

Where the barricades stand empty under pale yellow light.

Where in the night we shall find our damp and shallow graves.

Where there is no more Human, where there will soon be

The New Life. Where when we are gone, there will be a Peace.

Whence those hearts that are True will run, Eternal.

Where Wisdom has seen itself hanged.

Where we will all learn; Paradise is no Ego.

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