This is your home...

This is your home...
Keep it!


Ye Shall Not Worship!

You foolish (Wo)Men!

You who claim righteousness! All you what claim conversation with God, you who invoke and engender suffering for that in which you believe! but do not know. You who claim conversation with the Devil! All you who know only what you feel and believe it to be truth! All you fanatical idealists!

This is over now, because we say it's over! Your wars and your murder and your thievery and deceit are relics! of a doomed species! given not to graceful balance, but to violence and apathy disguised as righteousness and peacefulness! We who are unafraid of the unknown, We who walk boldly into it as one, We will be the denouemont of your existence. We will descend with the wind, and with the greatest malice! and you will try to pull us from your withered, decrepit souls, but we will be too deep inside, and when we reach your heart it will burst and you will burst open and you will nourish the ground as your last atonement for your despicable, thoughtless, pathetic and chemical reign.

We know of Order and Chaos. We know that extremities are comfortable only in the most shallow sense, that balance of compassion and reason is key to not only Our survival but the survival of all the history of the planet from out of which We have sprung. We know that the Path will be paved with mistakes, but they will be OURS to make, not your God's or your Devil's.

Go now, with your hate as love and your love as greed…

Go now, and fade.

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