This is your home...

This is your home...
Keep it!


We are here without understanding. We are here without understanding. We are here without understanding. We believe what we believe to survive. We believe what we believe to survive. We are here but we do not know and we only believe. We think we understand but our vision is quark-thick.

We are here with only the rarest sagacious mind. We are here with blank paletteWe are here to colour that palette. We are star stuff, we are stardust, we are whatever god you believe in, we are here to understand though we are so far without understanding. We learn that someday we may know.

We feel and we believe and we think but we as yet understand only parts of the greater Everything and All. If there is, if there was a god, we are It, all divvied and split and flung about in the Void, our essence is that of which all can ever be, but we are not all that could ever be. The mind in its mystery seems a catalyst for all possibilities, but we do not understand how, or why. If god exist(ed)s we are it, trying to parse the reason and the purpose for such existence. If there ever w(as)ere a god(s), we all would've have once been - all stars and all dark and all machinery and life and non-zeroes, all - a coherent, brilliant Ding-an-Sich, something so grand and powerful as to be utterly unknowable in its immensity, and totally averse to experience.

And here we are, without understanding. Here we are, in belief. Here we are, searching for truth in a vast ocean of its myriad forms. Here we are, walking a dim-lit road and there in the distant future a fork where if we turn one way we return to the unknowable, perfect thing, and if we turn the other we see and feel and forget and hurt and weep and taste and love and praise and laugh and have and lose and loose and cage and try and fail and succeed and pass and birth and bear and hear and move and learn and maybe on this path there is the slim possibility of knowing, of beginning to understand what we are, what we were, and what we may come to be, on a level still more fundamental than the (meta)/physical.

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